Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology

VIMED<sup>®</sup> medMnet

medMnet - secure telemedicine network for medical communication

MedMnet is a nationwide telemedicine network, developed in 2003, to enable the efficient cooperation between telemedicine professional users. Thanks to the different integrated futures the telemedicine network medMnet fulfills the common requirements for the communication in medicine. MEYTEC currently offers three connection technologies with tailor-made data services. You use our telemedicine network and we take care of the rest.


  • medMnet sat

    medMnet sat

    Telemedicine network based on satellite connection technology

  • medMnet modi

    medMnet modi

    Telemedicine network based on fixed-network connection technology



  • Near nationwide usability
  • Predestined to telemedicine and eHealth
  • Secure and cross-location transmission of medical and patient-related data
  • Secure and encrypted access to medical and patient data over any distance
  • Real-time transmission of audio and video data for medical purpose
  • High availability and security within the telemedicine network
  • Cost-optimized use with special data services and fixed costs
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